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Now, salt and dirt don't stand a chance: the SMART SPOOLER washes them off before they dry onto your fly line, backing or braided line. Your precious Fly Fishing tackle will really last longer!

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Product details

Maintenance and cleaning of fly reels, fly line and backing is child's play and extremely fast* with the help of a cordless drill.
Desalinate and clean spools of spinning and bait caster reels. Reverse braided line (two spools are needed) or remove old line for quick disposal.
Made of fiber-glass reinforced plastic, high quality rubber and stainless steel, all parts of the SMART SPOOLER are guaranteed two years! With the WINDER placed on a cordless drill, winding backing and fly line back onto the fly reel is very fast, tight, and evenly spread. No tangles, no birds' nests.

The WINDER fits on 85% of all fly reels produced world-wide! The soft rubber does not harm the fly reel's finish.

Complete Kit Contains

Spool Holder
line guide ring
4 Anti-slip Pads
6 stick-on brake pads
multi-lingual user manual

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