"Guy Plas" Leader

€ 12.80

Guy Plas braided leaders allow for precise and discreet deliveries. Loop to loop connection.

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Reference : 5414436007048
Category : Fly Fishing Gear
Brand : TOF
Longueur m :
1.20 m 1.80 m
Taille soie 2 num :
# 2/3/4 # 4/5 # 7/8

Product details

The Guy Plas leaders allow to make precise and discreet layings. The connection is made by the loop in loop. French-made braided, the leader (ESAT), straight aligned with fly line, it allows casting without loss of speed, without breakage and ensures a perfect control of all types of deliveries: straight, curved orsinuous.
Available in 1.20 m for small rivers and 1.80 m for any other type of river.
#1 for 2-3-4 lines -0.140 mm tip
#2 for 4-5 lines -0.160 mm tip
#3 for 6-7-8 lines -0.180 mm tip

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