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Gamakatsu SL12S hooks are designed to catch large predatory fish. Tarpon, tuna, sailfish, jacks... if you are looking for the perfect hook to hook this kind of fish, the SL12 is perfect!

he problem with big marine fish is finding a hook that can bite a very strong jaw and hold on to the fight. Gamakatsu has imagined the ultimate hook for fly fishermen who want to confront the biggest predatory fish on the planet.
The SL12S Big  Game hooks have a shape designed to iron hard jaws like wood and the quality of the metal used resists very well to the torsion. The wide opening and the medium shank optimize the holding of fish even if the fight is explosive. This special large fish Gamakatsu hook has a point bent inwards and a very efficient sharpening.
It is possible to use this hook reference for tyaing all your  large streamers, poppers and gurglers.
The SL12S Gamakatsu is also very efficient as a hook to place behind a big fly tube (streamer "tube  fly").

Fly hook for the sea.
Straight eyelet.
Stainless steel.
Standard shank.
Wide opening.
Curved point with barb.
Sizes: #2, #2/0, #4/0, #6/0, #8/0.

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