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Reference : 5414436037724
Category : Fly Tying
Brand : TOF
Diam neck ring :
2.5 mm 2.85 mm 3.6 mm
C neck ring :
argent orange noir or

Product details

The Neck Ring allows you to create a “hot spot” behind the bead in a different color than the main bead. The shape of the neck ring is adapted to the corresponding format (see table below). They also fit together, allowing the tying of nymphs with ringed and conical bodies. And can also be used without bead. Sold 10 per pack.
Available in brass or tungsten.
BRASS -2.55 mm > bead 3.3 mm
BRASS -2.85 mm > balls 3.8 mm
BRASS -3.60 mm > balls 4.6 mm

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