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ASB 830 x 1000

€ 92.00

Bronze hook, eyelet down, round, long 2X stem. Tying of streamers, fry.

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Reference : 5414436003767
Category : Fly Tying
Brand : TOF
Taille hameçon :
# 6 # 8 # 10 # 12 # 14

Product details

Here is a superb hook to make big flies as are streamers.
As all our hooks we take special care in resistance tests and have the effectiveness of all our hooks. This allows us to always offer you high-quality products.
The hook Tof b 830 is one more proof it is chosen for its superior strength its prickly and the shape of its stem that helps to hold a large trout by the lip without stalls.
size from "6 to "12

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