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ASB 170 x 1000

€ 86.00

Bronze hook ASB, 170, eyelet down, STRONG IRON, short and rounded 3X stem with large opening.The ASB 170 is indicated for the installation of nymphs and drowned flies. Hook with a very sensitive pin.

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Reference : 5414436003330
Category : Fly Tying
Brand : TOF
Taille hameçon :
# 8 # 10 # 12 # 14 # 16

Product details

Our ASB 170 hooks are specially forged to meet the expectations of fishermen.Their spice is exceptional, do not unhook a single fish; as soon as the hook is planted, it turns to pin into the mouth of the fish due to the original design of its curvature this position does not leave much chance for the fish to free easily. The ASB 170 hook is an excellent for a forgotten kind of fishing: the classic Wet Fly.
Size: from "8 to"16
Please once the fish with the net release your dreams alive and in the best conditions of survival, crush your barb with the vice.

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