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A cheap reel, "Large Arbor", made of injected aluminum, with a soft and powerful brake, comes in a carrying case with 4 spare spools.

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Category : Fly reels
Brand : AIRFLO
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Product details

The AIRFLO Switch Black fly reel is a "Large Arbor" injected aluminum reel. Featuring a brake that is both soft and powerful, comes in a carrying case with four spare spools, it has an excellent price/quality ratio. It advantageously replaces the old AIRFLO Switch Cassette reel, with a much better brake.This reel is delivered in a pouch designed especially for him. It has a practical handle for its transport. The bag is compartmentalized to accommodate in addition to the reel, 4 spare spools (cassettes). These 4 spare spools make this reel very economical for those more and more numerous that have several fly lines, for example two floating different profile, an intermediary, and two sinkings of different speed in order to adapt to the fishing conditions. The inside of each reel is profiled in V to facilitate its filling, which will be appreciated by fishermen who do not guide the line when they rewind. The replacement reels are also suitable for the AIRFLO Switch Pro reel, and are interchangeable with the reels of the old AIRFLO Switch Cassette and Switch Superlite reels.

• Injected aluminum construction.
• Same spools as the Airflo Switch Pro.
• V-shaped spool for easy filling.
• Counterweight on the spool to prevent vibration.
• Soft and powerful brake.
• Brake button on the back of the reel.
• Storage bag.
• Comes with 4 spare spools.

Which model to choose?

A fly reel is chosen according to the number of the fly line that will be loaded on it, without forgetting at least 40 meters of backing in 20 lb for trout, 90 meters for sea trout and summer salmon. If the capacity of the reel is limited, it is possible to use a finer backing with equal resistance like the AIRFLO Gel Spun. The AIRFLO Switch Black 4/6 reel is perfect for fishing trout in river or reservoir, with a WF5 line or lighter. Depending on the line models, a WF6 may lack space on this model, in which case it is better to choose the bigger reel size.The AIRFLO Switch Black 7/9 is ideal for reservoir fishing. It has indeed the right size to fish with a flyline up to WF8 plus backing. And its spare spools make this reel very cheap for those who have several flylines to suit different fishing conditions.

Available in two sizes, each reel comes with 4 additional clear spare spools and a custom fit reel bag. 

Stunning Looks
V Spool Capacity
Die-cast cassette reel
Bomb-proof drag
Comes with 5 spools
Custom reel bag
Spools fit both Switch Cassette and Switch Superlite

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