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Tom Larimer, who is on the Airflo design team, approached Tim Rajeff, (the US distributor for Airflo fly lines) with the problem we were all having with other switch lines on the market.

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Reference : 053163573416
Category : Fly lines
Brand : AIRFLO
Soies saumon :
Skagit Switch
Type soie grain :
420 grain 450 grain

Product details

After a lot of thought and a couple of prototypes, Airflo came up with the solution to the switch rod  lining problem.


The Airflo Skagit Switch line has a huge rear diameter and two-foot rear taper. This helps sustain the load on the rod giving the caster that sweet feeling of Spey casting we all have been waiting for.
The front taper is a big 7’ wedge that turns over your biggest tips and heaviest flies.
This line was built to make switch rods not only fun to cast, but to make them legitimate fishing tools.
The heads go from 540 grains down to 360 grains in 30 grain increments.
Although Airflo built this line for anglers chasing steelhead and salmon, the smaller sizes are perfect for trout and smallmouth anglers looking to swing streamers on switch rods.
All of the heads are marked on the loop sleeve telling you what the line is and the grain weight.
As a general rule of thumb, go 30 grains lighter than what you normally fish in a Skagit Compact.
According to Tom Larimer “If you’re a fan of the Airflo Skagit Compact, you will love this line!”

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