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Off the back of the success of our award winning Airtec Switch rods, we have extended the range to our longer double handers

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Reference : 053163084899
Category : Fly fishing rods
Brand : AIRFLO
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The action of a Switch cane facilitates the execution of the Switch Cast, which is a form of Spey Cast, that is to say a rolled throw with change of direction. The difference with the Spey Cast is that the Switch Cast is practiced with a rather short silk, type Shooting Head, while the Spey Cast is practiced with a longer silk, type Spey. The other peculiarity of the Switch Cast is that the hand of the top guides the cane while it is the hand of the bottom that operates the cane to make the throw, hence its original name, Underhand Cast, which can be translated by throwing with the hand of the bottom. This very powerful throw requires very little effort. Well practiced, it allows to throw very far and without getting tired. This throw is done much more easily in the river, because the current of the water helps to stretch the silk.
AIRFLO Switch bristles are for use with these rods.


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