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Permanent markers.

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Reference : 5414436061651
Category : Fly Tying
Brand : TOF
C finecolour :
bronze 9 brun 166 fluo chartreuse 287 gris 270 jaune pâle 3 light olive 15 noir 191 olive 37 orange 178 rouge 140

Product details

Permanent markers with 2 tips, one thin and one wide. UV-resistant colours.
Give color to your flies with these Marker of very good quality. If the artists use them why not us?
1,160 colours, fast drying alcoholic ink, easy staining, uniform staining.
2, each color ink has been carefully configured and each color is specifically designed to provide BCDS encoding.
3. A round and thin double-ended pen can provide a variety of the stroke width of handwriting.
4. PP environmental protection material, good sealing, so markers mark to save more time.

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