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VARIVAS 2610 ST-V Saltwater x 12

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The VARIVAS 2600 ST-V Salt Water series are the latest innovation when it comes  to tying saltwater flies. Made to the highest specification, they are the  ultimate when it comes to sharpness.
These modern looking hooks were designed  by IGFA fly rod world record holding angler Eizo Maruhashi,
using high-power  carbon and stainless steel for extra strength enabling the fly fisher to hook,  play and land large hard-fighting fish such as tarpon and sailfish. Smaller  sized hooks are great for tying Clousers and Pike flies.
The gape on these  hooks is larger than that found on traditional hooks; the gape on a #4 hook is  comparable to #2 on traditional style hooks.

All hooks come in a unique  stackable plastic box with a flip-open front panel to protect and organize  them.

VARIVAS 2610 ST-V supersedes 994S stainless hooks. 
4x  long 4x heavy these hooks are produced from heavy stainless steel, long-shanked  with wide gape, featuring the extra-sharp V-CUT point, Straight eye.  
The unique rust-resistant finish keeps the hooks sharp and shiny.

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