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With 19 models available, from a delicate 2-weight to our popular 10-weight, the Professional II series travel rods offer anglers of all skill levels the perfect match at an outstanding value.

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Category : Fly Fishing Rods
Brand : TFO
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Product details

With new components and cosmetic upgrades, the Pro II series are medium fast-action rods with a progressive taper that are smooth casting and powerful, yet forgiving. Every rod features alignment dots color coded by line weight, premium grade cork with burled accents, and oversized stripping guides. New anodized aluminum reel seats with braided carbon fiber inserts make these rods as forgiving on the eyes as they are in the hand.


Model                        Length   Line Wt.  F/Butt   Grip


TFO P2 763-  4pc    7'6"         3wt.         3.0oz.  N HW
TFO P2 863-  4pc    8'6"         3wt.         3.2oz   N HW
TFO P2 804-  4pc    8'0"         4wt.         3.2oz.  N HW
TFO P2 864-  4pc    8'6"         4wt.         3.4oz.  N HW
TFO P2 904-  4pc    9'0"         4wt.         3.5oz.  N HW
TFO P2 865-  4pc    8'6"         5wt.         3.7oz . N HW
TFO P2 905-  4pc    9'0"         5wt.         3.8oz . N HW
TFO P2 907-  4pc    9'0"         7wt.         4.3oz.  Y FW
TFO P2 908-  4pc    9'0"         8wt.         4.4oz.  Y FW
TFO P2 968-  4pc    9'6"         8wt.         5.3oz.  Y FW
TFO P2 1005- 4pc   10'0""     5wt.         4.2oz.  N HW
TFO P2 1006- 4pc   10'0"      6wt          4.3oz   Y HW
TFO P2 1007- 4pc   10'0"      7wt          5.0oz   Y FW
TFO P2 1008- 4pc   10'0"      8wt          5.8oz   Y FW
TFO P2 909-  4pc    9'0"         9wt.         4.5oz.  Y FW
TFO P2 9010- 4pc   9'0"      10wt.         4.6oz.   Y FW


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