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SWIMMING WORM pack 3 couleurs N° 1

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An innovation born from a revolutionary idea!

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Reference : 5414436064782
Category : Fly Tying
Brand : TOF
couleur :
chartreuse fluo bleu fluo jaune fluo orange fluo rose purple mix 3 mix 6

Product details

Tapered chenille worm, ideal for predator flies (walleye and pike), saltwater flies (tarpon, barracuda,..) and large trout streamers.
Incredible swimming movement under water.
Colors: chartreuse, fluo orange, fluo yellow, fluo rose, kingfisher blue and purple.
Choice of three kits with three to six worms:

Kit 1: 1 worm in fluo orange, chartreuse and kingfisher blue
Kit 2: 1 worm in fluo yellow, purple et fluo rose
Kit 3: 1 worm of each colors.

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