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The Sportube PM 120-210CM transport tube is a quality transport tube for fishing rods. Robust and very functional, it is ideal for a minimum of space during your trips and fishing trips.

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Reference : 5414436046177
Category : Fly Fishing Rods
Brand : TOF

Product details

Very nice rigid polyethylene tube designed for the transport of canes.
Adjustable length from 1.20 m to 2.10 m.
Inner width 16.6cm X 13.1cm
Capacity from 4 to 8 rods.


Non-deformable, equipped with a lockable system for car luggage bars. Ideal for air travel.
Equipped with wheels, to facilitate the movement in the airport halls.
Comes with adjustable strap.

Exotic fishing, fishing at sea or in fresh water around the world, be ready with the Tube Sportube PM!

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