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SIMMS Bugstopper Net Sombrero sand

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Full-coverage hat with a mesh perimeter that blocks biting bugs.

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Category : Clothing
Brand : SIMMS

Product details

Catching fish on a fly is all about matching the hatch. But what about when the hatch is a swarm of diabolical little needles-with-wings determined to suck every last drop of blood out of your body? Well, that’s where Simms Bugstopper® Net Sombrero comes in. The wide bucket-style lid delivers 360 degree coverage, with the bug-stymieing protection of no-see-um mesh fixed to brim and a drawcord closure at the bottom.


– Long-lasting insect protection
– Wide brim bucket style
– 360° coverage of no-see-um mesh
– Drawcord closure at bottom mesh

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