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Replace the micro-loops with our Micro Rings.

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Category : Fly Fishing Gear
Brand : TOF
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TOF's Micro Rings are a great way to attach your leader to your tip.
The use of a micro ring will extend the life of your leader as you may regularly replace the section of the tip, the leader will always keep its initial length.
They are also very useful for creating gallows, during wet or nymph fishing.
Solid and light, it allows an excellent presentation for dry fishing. Very light, it will not sink your tip.
Available in diameter 2 mm et 1mm
Pack of 10 units loaded on a carabiner for easy use.
Pass your nylon through the ring before pulling it out of the carabiner. This will prevent losing it.
Little useful tip that allows me longevity of my leader: I tye my micro-ring on a leader of 20/100 (3X) tip. This allows me to know that I am always at this diameter. I then only have to add a piece of tippet of 16/100 (4X) and my final tips in 14/100 (5X), 12/100 (6X), etc.

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