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Gamakatsu's very popular standard saltwater fly hook. 3x strong, forged, straight eye, sproat bend.Similar to many popular 3X long hooks, but stronger with a needle sharp point. Tin plated. Used for all sea fly mounts: bonefish, permit, bar, carangue, etc.

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TOF FLY FISHING is also saltwater fly fishing. Our long experience has led us to always make the best choices in gear and equipment. The harsh conditions of fly fishing the salt, allow for no error, nor uncertain material. After many trials, we selected a few hooks ready for the job. The GAMAKATSU SL 11-3H is one of them.
Sold by 12 in # 2 and # 4 and by 15 in # 6 and # 8

Sizes #8-6; 15 hooks per pack, sizes #4-1/0; 12 per pack.

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