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EP FOXY BRUSH 1.5" - 4 cm

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Reference : 693728015755
Category : Fly Tying
Fibres :
C EPfoxy :
blue/black kingfisher blue rust yellow

Product details

Whether you are looking for lifelike movement or controlled sink rate for laid up tarpon flies or a streamer pattern for steelhead, salmon, trout or stripers, this durable, breathable brush makes it easy to bring out lifelike action in all of your flies. Made with a combination of EP® FIBERS, EP® SILKY FIBERS, EP® UV SPARKLE and natural materials, its uses are endless; working equally well in both salt and freshwater. It also makes the perfect collar on any fly! With a variety of colors and a little imagination, I am sure you will come up with dynamite fly patterns.


Please note - because this product contains natural materials, it is natural for there to be variations in color.

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