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Fish on the flats are known to be exceedingly tough and often spook from the line in the air or its silhouette sitting on the surface. Airflo’s Tropical Clear lines can make the difference between getting a fish to eat or exasperate your guide. The Ridge Clear lines are the closest thing to invisible a fly line can get, allowing you to use a shorter leader for greater casting control and improving accuracy without spooking a fish. These lines come with the Ridge-Technology and a clear coating on a monofilament core to turn into a high-performance fly line that will enhance your approaches on spooky fish in tropical waters.

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Product details

The AirFlo Ridge Floating Clear Tip Tropical fly line differs from most floating lines with its clear tip. The floating clear tip gives anglers a little more wiggle room when dropping flies to laid up fish that undoubtedly would flee the scene if they caught a glimpse of an opaque fly line. The 12' clear tip blends seamlessly into a stealth mid vis main belly and running line, allowing anglers and guides to locate and track the fly a little easier than with a full clear fly line.

The AirFlo Ridge Floating Clear Tip Tropical fly line is ridged for incredible shoot-ability and tangle prevention.

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