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Airflo's incredibly stealthy Camo fast Intermediate fly line.

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Category : Fly Lines
Brand : AIRFLO
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Product details

Airflo's incredibly stealthy Camo fast Intermediate fly line. Perfect for still water trout fishing, this line's clever, aesthetic coloured disguise allows it to match perfectly with the colour of its surroundings without causing any alarm to fish. Blending in with the background and reducing the risk of alarm to even the easily spooked fish, this line is the master of stealth. For additional stealth, the line has a very gentle and light presentation due to its suppleness and clear PU coating. This coating creates a very soft and flexible line that is less inclined to coil up. It allows the line to be cast easily and help it to lie better in the water. The ultra supple Camo core creates effortless casting and vastly improves the stability of line giving you much more control. Due to the supple core, this also greatly reduces the line memory causing less tangles and allows the line to easily manage with the figure of 8 style retrieves.
The Airflo Camo Intermediate has standard fast intermediate sink rate of 1.5 inches per second and is available in different weights that you can select from our drop down menu.


Ideal for still water trout fishing
Camo/Clear design
Ultra supple Camo core
Clear PU coating
The sink rates 1.5 inches per second.



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