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Déveloped by de Bruce Chard the Airflo Tropical Punch has been one of our favorite lines for tropical saltwater flats environments for years

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Product details

Developed by Bruce Chard the Airflo Tropical Punch has been one of our favorite lines for tropical saltwater flats environments for years. It’s a line that cuts through the wind, presents flies accurately, and casts well when partnered with a fast action fly rod. As high-performance fly rods continue to get faster and faster, lines are also getting heavier and heavier. This line is a nice crossover between a shooting-style line that loads a rod in close and a line that also encourages accuracy at longer distances.




Super-Dri Technology, Ridge Technology, Low Stretch - Tropical Punch is packed with features. Super-Dri helps the fly line shoot faster through the guides and minimizes friction. Ridge Technology keeps the line quieter than other textured fly lines and helps Tropical Punch float higher and last longer. The low-stretch power core increases hook up rates and leads to better accuracy across the board.




Multiple Species, Flats Fishing, Quick Casts - Tropical Punch is built for windy flats scenarios, loading fast action rods at short range, and delivering larger flies when it matters. This is one of our favorite tropical saltwater fly lines because of its versatile design. Whether you’re chasing Permit with a crab fly or Tarpon with a streamer, this is a phenomenal line choice for fast action rods and right up there with other crossover lines; it’s not quite a shooting-style only line and not quite a long taper delicate line… the best of both worlds.




Tropical/Warm - Airflo built this line to work best in tropical saltwater environments. This is a line that will not get sticky in high heat while sitting on the deck of your boat. That being said, it’s not designed for cold water scenarios and will shrivel when fished in a non-tropical setting.




Short, Powerful Head - Tropical Punch is designed for punching flies through the wind. As such, the taper is short, aggressive and designed to load fast action fly rods at short distances. The head of this fly line is also built heavy to help anglers cut down the wind. The multi-color design helps anglers know where the front taper ends and the running line starts so you can always gauge how much line you have on the water.

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