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There's always someone who wants to cast even further - for those guys we developed Forty Plus Expert+ its like the Forty Plus+ just longer. By increasing the head length, whilst maintaining the same head weight the whole cast is smoother, allowing expert casters to carry more line in the loop and with a little effort, send a fly to the next county. The use of Power Core, helps reduce energy loss and smoothes out wobbles that ultra high line speed can put into regular 'stretchy' lines. Ridge running lines reduce tangles and improve shootability.

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Category : Fly Lines
Brand : AIRFLO
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Product details

There will always be someone who wants to go even further: for these fishermen, we developed the Forty Plus Expert silks. They have the same characteristics as the Forty Plus Extreme bristles, but they are even longer. Their 44-foot spindle makes the throw more homogeneous and controllable while keeping the same weight for the same silk number, allowing expert throwers to keep more silk in the rings and loop and then send the fly with little effort towards the horizon!


The use of a “Power Core” silk web helps reduce energy loss and vibration generated by extreme speeds that can affect more elastic bristles. The striped Ridge running line reduces the memory effect and improves silk gliding.

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