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Fly fishing enthusiasts, our guides will show you a different perspective of fly fishing. With their unique character, techinques and know-how, these world renowned guides will tell you about their secrets, their career and experience and give you the fly fishing virus!

Presentation of our experts.

David Gauduchon

David Gauduchon, the globe-trotter

Explorer, journalist, photographer and cameraman, David travels the world since 15 years to serve his passion for fly fishing in fresh and salt water. His company “Le Poisson Voyageur”, takes many anglers to discover new fishing grounds all over the planet.

David will happily share with you his discoveries and encounters by the rivers, lakes and at sea.

Contact David by phone 0033 – 670 81 65 83 or by email david@lepoissonvoyageur.fr

More information on www.lepoissonvoyageur.fr

Eric Arbogast

Eric Arbogast,  the instructor

Guide for "Planet Fly Fishing" agency, Eric belongs to the small group of world-renowned guides. He speaks 4 languages and is the official IGFA representative in Luxembourg. Always in a good mood, his enthusiasm is much appreciated.

Former contributor to the magazine "Plaisirs de la Pêche", he closely followed the development of salt water fly fishing on the east coast of the US, especially in Florida where he hosts numerous trips with his European clients. Always on the look-out for new destinations, he still loves fishing for trout… or big tarpon. "I like seeing the backing spooling off me reel!"

Grégory Treille

Grégory Treille, the journalist

Sport fishing journalist for the French "Pêche Mouche" magazine since the beginning, he guided during 15 years on the rivers of Franche-Comté in France. He is also a tackle reviewer and developped his personal line of flies.

He spends around 280 days on the water in France and abroad. His favourite fish are large resident trout, grayling and steelhead.

Contact: greg.treille@wanadoo.fr

Laurent Guillermin

Laurent Guillermin, the specialist

Journalist, photographer, author and consultant, Laurent Guillermin is the new editor in chief of "Pêche Mouche" magazine.

He specializes in sight-fishing with nymphs for wild brown trout and is considered an expert not only for pike and zander, but also bonefish, permit and sea bass in the salt. Lately, he developped a real passion for carp on the fly.

From the loveliest Seychelles atolls to the hidden valleys of the Rocky Mountains, passing through Panama, Lapland or Wales, he established a solid experience as globe-trotter fly fisher and yet remains humble. "Every catch is a new experience, every destination a new adventure… and sometimes the adventure starts right at your door!"

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