AFW Titanium Tooth Proof

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Breaking strenght :

Référence : BDLTT

Titanium oxide cable that is stiff but take its shape back. You can land more that 20 fish without damaging the cable. It is knotable but we advise you to use crimp for better presentation and neater finish.

We advise to use the AFW Micro Crimper and the AFW Tooth Proof Cutter.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 30lb / 14kg - ø 0.38mm/0.015' (sleeve n°1)
  • 50lb / 23kg - ø 0.48mm/0.019' (sleeve n°2)
  • 100lb / 46kg - ø 0.69mm/0.027' (sleeve n°3)

Comes in a 15ft/4.6m coil.

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